Consumers prefer targeted ads based on previous purchases

Over a third (35%) if consumers prefer to see targeted mobile adverts that are based on their purchase history, followed by their browsing history (34%) or the website they are actively browsing (33%).

That’s according to a new survey by Integral Ad Science (IAS), the digital ad verification company.

Among the least favourite targeting methods customers singled out targeting based on demographics such as life stage (19%) or job (15%).

“As the use of third-party cookies diminish, brands looking to reach consumers will need to employ new audience targeting tactics,” Nick Morley, EMEA MD at IAS. 

“By considering the environment – the topics and sentiments on a page – brands can adjust to the evolving landscape, engaging with consumers in appropriate environments. Targeting audiences based on context is not only an innovative solution to reach consumers while complying with privacy regulations – it’s actually what consumers prefer.”

But despite ongoing concerns about general data protection and privacy (94%), consumers are happy to share their information within shopping environments (56%) and social media sites (43%).

Within audio and gaming environments, under a third of consumers are willing to share their data.

The new report also found that 50% of UK customers believed the security of their online data to be their own responsibility and 67% were confident in the security levels provided.

But over half (57%) in the UK hold websites and apps accountable for advertising experiences while 61^ prefer to withhold data instead of getting personalised ads.

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