Consumers demand more engaging and creative mobile ads

Anne Freier | February 17, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Ad tech firm, Quantcast, just published new research that highlights a growing need for marketers to deliver more relevant and engaging mobile advertising. Carried out by Censuswide, and based on the answers of 3,000 consumers in the UK, France and Germany, the Mobile & Me – The Remodelled Brand Opportunity report has taken a closer look at mobile preferences among consumers and found that marketers risk losing engagement if they don’t deliver more creative mobile ads.
Consumers demand more engaging mobile ads
According to the results, 37% of consumers ‘expect’ mobile ads to be more relevant than ads on other devices. Another 40% added they’d like to see more creative ads. Relevancy and creativity are even more in demand among younger consumers at 47% and 51% respectively.
Half of respondents said that mobile ads were more intrusive than those on desktops or tablets, and were interrupting valuable ‘me-time’. Almost half of all respondents agree that mobile adverts which aren’t relevant negatively impact their brand perception. This frustration scores even higher with 16-34 year-olds (54%).
Marketers are slowly becoming aware of the emotional attachment consumers have established with their smartphones. A study from Loughborough University confirms this behaviour. Mobile phones are available to most users 24/7 and constant access to social updates, news and feeds has changed the way we view these devices. This close relationship makes it more important to deliver ads which are non-interruptive and cater to specific interests.
However, the research also indicated that mCommerce is on the rise, turning smartphones into shopping catalouges. 64% of consumers said they had been influenced to purchase elsewhere through mobile ads. That’s even truer for younger consumers, with 80% of them swayed to buy elsewhere. Whilst 41% of consumers regularly research products and services on their phones, the average consumer makes a mobile purchase once a week.
Analytical targeting is now becoming a core focus for mobile marketers. 59% of respondents stated their acceptance of mobile ads as long as the content was relevant to them. Another 43% of 16-34 year-olds are more likely to purchase from a brand that shows relevant ads.
Unsurprisingly, creativity is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to brand influence. One in three say they would be more influenced by creative ads, jumping to 48% among younger consumers.
Matt White, UK Managing Director, Quantcast, explains:
Matt White (colour head shot)

“By 2018, more time will be spent accessing the Internet on mobile devices than on all other devices combined. For advertisers, connecting with consumers while they are on their mobile phones is becoming a must-do, not a nice to do. But what our research shows is that the majority of brands are currently missing the mark with their mobile ads. There is a huge pool of potential buyers behind those screens, but brands need to act now and appropriately engage with the mobile-generation by putting relevancy and creativity at the centre of their mobile strategies.”

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