Consumers are zigzagging their way through the shopping experience

Anne Freier | October 2, 2015

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According to new research, commissioned by marketing solutions provider, YP, carried out by IDC among 750 US residents age 18 and older, the shopping experience of many consumers is no longer straightforward. 49% of customers research products and services locally, whilst 24% have conducted six or more searches. The Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Brands survey further finds that customers are employing a wide range of devices and are searching across multiple sites and apps. 36% are using two or more devices, including their smartphone, tablets and desktop. 35% conducted searches from at least two locations such as their home, work place or whilst shopping. In addition, 27% searched offline.

ZigZag search and shop experience



Karsten Weide, Program Vice President, Digital Media and Entertainment at IDC, says:

karsten weide

“The customer journey is not a straight line any more. Instead, today’s consumers are zigzagging. This zigzag approach to local search is a universal phenomenon, and what’s interesting is that it is equally true across categories and demographics.”

64% of searches are being conducted on more specialised sites, and completed at fast pace with 86% finishing in one day and 63% within an hour or less.

Smartphones are being used across the widest variety of locations with 86% of respondents using them to search at home, 57% whilst out shopping, 47% whilst on the go or at work/school. Luke Edson, SVP of National Markets Group, YP, explains:


“Local search is all about location, relevance and timing. As consumers shift devices and platforms to find what they need at any given moment, marketers need to be able to present their brand in the right context, and that means working with new partners and new kinds of measurement, such as clicks, calls and store visits.”

Luke Edson and Karsten Weide will be discussing key findings of the report during Advertising Week XII in New York.

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