Consumers are spending higher on Pinterest and Instagram compared to Facebook

Pinterest and Instagram provide the highest average order values from mobile devices for large online fashion retailers, according to new research from Nosto, the eCommerce personalisation and retail AI platform.

The study also found that mobile order values via paid social media ads were slightly higher than for unpaid visits. Enterprise fashion retailers in particular appear to utilise more tactical up-selling and cross-selling strategies.

Although Pinterest does not drive a large proportion of traffic or sales compared to Facebook, the micro-blogging site had the highest average order value at $140.

Shoppers on Pinterest spend an average 29% more than shoppers on other platforms.

This is partially due to the nature of the platform, which allows users to specifically discover products whilst Facebook and Instagram are mostly used for social connections. 83% of weekly Pinterest users have previously made a purchase based on a branded Pin.

Additionally, Pinterest has been working hard to bolster its shopping and ad integrations to ensure a smooth check-out.

Although Instagram conversion rates ranked lower than Facebook and search, the recent addition of Checkout capabilities is likely to boost mCommerce across the popular imaging platform. Now, users can more easily discover and purchase products directly from within the app.

It is undeniable that Instagram provides a huge opportunity for product discovery. Arguably, up until now, users may have spotted a product on the app, but purchased it elsewhere due to lack of integration resulting in the lower metrics.

“The high Average Order Value the study demonstrates for Instagram and Pinterest shows the potential they have within fashion retail, particularly as both are adding new features to support eCommerce,” says Jim Lofgren, CEO, Nosto.

“However, right now their low direct traffic and lower conversion rates means there is a risk that they become destinations purely for branding plays. Instagram has managed to drive brand awareness for fashion brands by allowing them to leverage influencers, but can Instagram and Pinterest manage to sustainably drive eCommerce revenue?”

Average order values on Instagram were higher among enterprise fashion retailers ($103) compared to overall fashion retailers ($72) likely due to higher investments.

In comparison, Snapchat was found to drive minimal relative traffic and orders. However, the app provides an opportunity for product discovery for enterprise retailers.