Consumers are more receptive to mobile ads when watching TV or relaxing

Consumers are more receptive to mobile ads when they view TV at the same time and just before they go to sleep, according to new research by Aki Technologies a mobile advertising platform.

The survey of 1,000 US adults also found that 59% of respondents paid attention to mobile ads whilst watching TV and 51% viewed ads whilst in bed.

However, age makes all the difference with Gen Z being less receptive to ads in front of the TV, but most receptive before bed. Boomers were 6% less receptive in front of TV and 11% less receptive to mobile ads just before sleep.

Furthermore, the study shows that consumers were more attentive to mobile ads when relaxed (74%), looking for an activity (68%) or felt energised (34%).

Brand familiarity was also an important factor in paying increased attention to ads (54%), as well as interesting creative (52%), good timing (41%) and brand coupons (41%).

Although these findings highlight motivations for customers on the go, the study also found that attention to mobile ads may not be as high when people are on the go.

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