comScore to offer free Viewability measurements for all

Cross-platform measurement company comScore just made viewability measurements free for all. The comScore Viewability technology lets media buyers and sellers get a better overview of their display, video and mobile inventory viewability.
The company says that it hopes the move will increase transparency across the ad industry.
Viewability does what it says: it measures if an ad was seen or not. Whilst this does not offer any clues as to whether ad campaigns were effective in terms of engagement, the comScore technology should free up budgets to allow advertisers to measure other ad impacts.
Dan Hess, Executive Vice President of Products at comScore, explains:

“Viewability is critical, but for too long it has dominated industry discussion at the expense of other metrics that also really matter. We think it’s time to make viewability a table stake for digital advertising, and move the market forward to a broader realm of more meaningful ad measurement across platforms.”

comScore Viewability will be rolled out this summer worldwide. It will be a free, self-service platform.
Lyle Schwartz, President of Investment, North America, GroupM, adds that baseline measurement standards are a waste of time.

“It is critical that this industry […] start investing time on what really matters – the strategies, ideas, and executions that move hearts, minds, and wallets. The MRC standard for viewable impressions was agreed to and has evolved under consistent cross-industry participation. It’s time for the entire marketing-media ecosystem to accept it and move on to more productive innovations, including agreement on how to measure cross-media audiences and engagement.”

Whilst viewability standards certainly boost ad quality, they should not be used as a standalone to measure ad success.

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