comScore launches mobile measurement tool for Canadian advertisers

Anne Freier | September 15, 2015

Mobile Advertising

comScore, the digital media analytics firm, recently announced plans to roll out enhanced mobile advertising measurement capabilities as part of its validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) product for Canadian campaigns. vCE enables advertisers to measure ad viewability of their mobile campaigns across smartphones and tablets. comScore now wants to add audience delivery insights such as validated reach, frequency and GRP to its features. To realise this, the company is working with partners such as Addictive Mobility, a mobile demographic data partner in Canada.
comScore vCE
Brent Bernie, President of comScore Canada, says:

“With the rapid growth of mobile spend in Canada, it is imperative that we continue to advance the measurement of mobile campaigns. We are excited about the progress we’ve made in enabling viewability reporting in mobile today, and we look forward to providing clients with a truly comprehensive measure of campaign performance with the addition of demographics and GRPs.”

The addition of mobile measurement in vCE provides a range of advantages for media buyers and sellers. According to a company press release, these include:

  • Alignment of campaign metrics across platforms. Enhancements to comScore’s existing campaign measurement offering will bring mobile advertising into alignment with what is currently available for desktop display and video campaigns.
  • In-app and in-browser viewability measurement. Viewability measurement is currently available on iOS and Android across smartphones and tablets, enabling buyers and sellers to compare the performance of desktop and mobile campaigns.
  • Daily, unduplicated audience metrics at scale. The inclusion of validated reach, frequency and GRPs for mobile campaigns will allow for cross-media comparability. Demographic data from our first-party data sources as well as partners enable this scalable, granular reporting so clients can evaluate and optimize demographic delivery.

Naveed Ahmad, CEO, Addictive Mobility, says:

“Addictive Mobility is proud to be comScore’s first Canadian mobile demographic data partner to help enhance the quality and scalability of demographic reporting in vCE. We stand at the edge of a new digital age where mobile strategy must take centre stage. As brands and agencies strive to reach the right audience at the right time, in-app audience data from Addictive Mobility will serve to improve the advertising ecosystem and move the needle on targeting by allowing media buyers and sellers to properly assess mobile performance and earn the highest return on their advertising dollars.”

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