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Posted: September 17, 2015

Good news for creative mobile app developers, indies and start-ups – they can promote apps with enhanced effectivity and convenience with the new ComboStore marketing solutions supermarket by ComboApp Group.
Apart of user-friendly redesign, the whole product was changed with a developer needs in mind. Focused mostly on start-ups, indie developers and small teams that are willing to get expertize and optimize their promotional budgets, ComboStore now includes ComboApp’s 5+ year experience in product consulting and promotion along with enhanced customizable toolset. Developers get both consultancy and guaranteed result for moderate budgets (around $500).
Customizability is one of the key features of the new ComboStore. Now it works as a personal promotion assistant with tailor-made approach to each and every app. Developers can choose and customize promotional channels, geolocations, social networks for best value for money match.
There is one great bonus for those developers who hesitate if they choose the right ways to promote their apps. It’s a simple testing tool called AppTester. After the developer answers a set of questions providing basic information on application, the testing tool suggests the optimal practical marketing tools to use. The recommendations are based on ComboApp vast app marketing experience, also free and could be used together with ComboStore solutions or independently. The solutions include and are not limited to:

  • App store optimization tools
  • Media outreach solutions
  • Social media
  • Launch pack

How does it work in real life? Let us show!
There is a creative app developer that has up to 5 people in the team. They have combined designer and technical professionals in a start-up that aims to launch and promote a successful app to numerous targeted audience and spend the marketing funds wisely. Developer team knows what are their goals (installs, awareness, user acquisition, in-app monetization). But they are not sure what to do first.
The first step to take is to test the App by answering several important questions about it:
Then the professional recommendations appear as a Step number Two.
The developer can use it independently or proceed to the Third Step in order to choose services and fine-tune it to match their goals the best.
After services are chosen and the payment is completed, ComboStore starts working. In case the developer has an important question or there is a need to confirm terms or app details, a dedicated manager will contact the team in order to exceed expectations in delivering the result.
Re-shaped ComboStore is a win-win solution for growing ambitional app developers who make their first steps on the market and want to promote applications smoothly within chosen channels and geos.
You can find out more on the ComboStore website here.

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