ClicksMob rolls out new ad fraud blocking system

Mobile platform, ClicksMob, has just launched a new fraud blocking system. Fraud Fighter prevents advertising fraud whilst offering full transparency at the same time across all its mobile traffic.
ClicksMob launches Fraud Fighter
With ad fraud costing $8.2bn in wasted ad investment each year, ClicksMob could be on to something.
Avishai Shoushan, CEO, ClicksMob, says:
avishai shoushan

“A lot has been said, written, streamed and more about ad fraud lately. Fraud is one of the biggest challenges in the mobile advertising world, and if nothing is done, it will only continue to grow, undermining billions of dollars in valuable ad investments. ClicksMob’s key focus has always been high quality traffic. With that in mind, we are harnessing our expertise to tackle the ad fraud problem head-on through our new Fraud Fighter system.”

The new tool scans traffic to find and block any fraudulent traffic 24/7. It has built a special department tasked to track new methods of fraud and uses Fraud Fighter to routinely conduct new testing methods.
Eran Tal, Chairman, ClicksMob, adds:
eran tal

“As a leading mobile performance platform with a core advantage rooted in the development of in-house tech, we approach fraud fighting as a strategically-wise and vital long-term commitment. We chose to develop our very own Fraud Fighter instead of opting for third party systems to keep in-line with our in-house standards of high quality. We followed the same business logic when developing ClicksMob’s other offerings to much success thus far.”

ClicksMob adds that it has also begun to convert its partners to advanced performance based models such as CPA, CPE and CPL, which are less fraud-prone, in addition to launching Fraud Fighter.

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