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Partner Post - ClicksMob - Mobile performance marketing platform

Posted: December 22, 2014

ClicksMobfounded in 2012 and headquartered in New York, is a mobile performance advertising platform. They provide a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and deliver mobile traffic. Publishers can access direct campaigns and while advertisers benefit from a risk-free CPA model when acquiring new users. In this review of Clicksmob we’re going to provide a detailed breakdown of the network covering all of its key features and presenting what it has to offer for mobile developers and advertisers.
In a recent interview the CEO of ClicksMob, Chen Levanon, spoke about how Clicksmob is positioned in the market, focusing on technology and quality of their team to give them an edge:
chen levanon

“There are zero barriers to entry for performance networks today, yet we decided not to take any shortcuts: our technology is our own, our team is the best you will find. ClicksMob’s technology paired with a human touch gives us our edge.”

Our review of ClicksMob is divided into the following sections:

ClicksMob Overview

ClicksMob’s performance network delivers worldwide traffic on a large scale, helping advertisers reach new users and publishers monetise their mobile products.
ClicksMob Key Features
The ClicksMob network offers the following features to its clients:

  • Support for all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and Feature Phones
  • In-house technology without the need for third parties
  • Global traffic that offers diversity

ClicksMob Partners
ClicksMob’s partners include the popular online poker website PKR, bookmakers William Hill, free-to-play mobile platform Machine Zone and game developers Social Quantum and NaturalMotion.
ClicksMob Partners
ClicksMob Tracking Partners
ClicksMob works with leading tracking partners such as MobileAppTracking, AD-X, Kochava, Tapstream and AppsFlyer. Mobile campaigns can be optimised and strengthened from the data that is gathered by these tracking partners.
ClicksMob Tracking Partners
Tracking Partners
ClicksMob runs a series of promotions that offer rewards to mobile affiliates and publishers.
ClicksMob Marathon 2014
ClicksMob is currently running the ‘ClicksMob Marathon 2014′ until the end of the year. ClicksMob has run similar competitions in the past, but now it’s looking to help out smaller publishers who lose out to the bigger players in this type of contest.

What does ClicksMob offer publishers?

ClicksMob has a range of campaigns for different publishers to monetise their mobile traffic with – this includes campaigns on iOS, Android and WAP. App developers and media buyers are given access to appropriate campaigns they choose with their account manager, while ad networks benefit from a variety of optimised campaigns that help to maintain their high fill rate.
Why ClicksMob?
Below is a list of services that ClicksMob offer publishers:

  • High payouts on hundreds of campaigns
  • Pay that’s on time, every time
  • Access to a dashboard that shows stats in real-time, helping publishers to track and optimise their campaigns
  • Account managers in every timezone on a 24/7 basis
  • Over 200 campaigns to choose from
  • Easy and quick setup

How to Publish on ClicksMob
Here’s how publishers on ClicksMob can get started with the network:

  1. Sign up – publishers need to fill in their user name and password
  2. Review your offer – go to the offer page and review each offer individually. Reach out to the account manager to get approved to run
  3. Start making money- select offers and set up with ClicksMob’s easy links

How it Works for Publishers
How it works

What does ClicksMob offer Advertisers?

For advertisers ClicksMob offers a risk-free CPA model. Advertisers and agencies on ClicksMob will not be charged until the required action is completed by the user, such as installing an app or performing a specific action of engagement.
Why ClicksMob
A list of services that ClicksMob offer advertisers can be found below:

  • Exposure in more than 150 countries
  • Access to traffic that includes app developers, media buyers, ad networks and mobile sites
  • Real-time tracking dashboard to track and optimise campaigns
  • Dedicated team to help scale campaigns with short response times
  • Geo and device targeting meaning users are acquired from advertisers’ defined countries, platforms, devices and OS
  • Partnerships with thousands of traffic sources
  • Differentiate between different traffic sources with ClicksMob technology to maximise ROI
  • No CPC or CPM models

How to Advertise on ClicksMob
Here’s how advertisers on ClicksMob can get things going:

  1. Set up – ClicksMob sets up the campaigns
  2. Promotion – They promote the campaigns through their different traffic sources
  3. Results – They manage advertisers’ campaigns and optimise results

How it Works for Advertisers
How it works 2

Final Thoughts

In summary, ClicksMob offers publishers and advertisers a range of features to enhance their mobile monetisation and user acquisition strategies. With the ability to track and optimize their campaigns, along with a host of direct campaigns and dedicated support, ClicksMob is a good option for both publishers and advertisers alike. We hope this review has provided some useful information about ClicksMob and the services that it offers.
You can find out more info about ClicksMob over on their website, or on the ClicksMob profile in our directory. 

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