Clicks of branded social media ads benefit from TV ads by same brand

Consumers who see an ad on TV are more likely to click on a social media ad or Google advertisement by the same brand.

That’s according to a study by consumer analytics firm ViewersLogic, which measured consumer behaviour of TV and digital ads.

Customers who clicked on digital ads watched 39% more TV ads by the same brand during the previous week.

For Facebook, the TV effect was highest compared to other platforms.

Users who clicked on a Facebook ad saw 48% more TV ads from a brand during the previous year.

Those who clicked on a Google ad saw an average 42% more ads on TV.

But there are differences across the various sectors and categories.

Gambling and online clothing emerged as the top categories attracting 68% and 47% more TV ad views after consumers interacted with online ads.

‘’Over recent years, TV advertising expenditure has shrunk as brands have increasingly shifted their budgets online attracted by better measurability and segmentation, but ViewersLogic’s data has now shown us that, if used correctly, TV drives the greatest improvement in online performance,” said Henry Daglish, founder of marketing agency Bountiful Cow. “This opened for us a new area of analytics and performance improvement that we are now sharing with our clients.’’

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