Clickky Launches its AdExchange API – the Largest Global Real-time CPI Marketplace

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Partner Post - Clickky Monetize Mobile Traffic In Emerging Markets

Posted: April 4, 2016

Clickky launched a new cutting-edge solution for mobile offers: the AdExchange API. It is an automated marketplace platform that features a single API that is extremely easy to integrate and provides access to mobile offers from leading networks worldwide. Thanks to unique eCPM prioritization, experts consider the Clickky AdExchange API to be the best CPI Marketplace (platform) for publishers around the world. Clickky’s centralized reporting system enables publishers to clearly see how much money they are earning from their mobile traffic, while fraud protection solution bans low CR campaigns. Also, Clickky enables publishers to simultaneously sell their own inventory in the very same marketplace (the Clickky AdExchange API).
Clickky AdExchange
Here are some of the benefits of Clickky’s AdExchange API:

  • Access to over 30,000 offers in one API marketplace
  • Global coverage, with offers and traffic from over 50 of the leading mobile ad networks around the world
  • One single API that is easy-to-integrate
  • eCPM prioritization, for receiving most profit from publishers’ mobile traffic
  • Highly professional support team who helps every Clickky client start within a few hours

Since the AdExchange API platform has been launched, the number of offers has drastically increased. Moreover, this number is constantly growing and is now more than 30,000 mobile ad campaigns.
Valentin Bondarchuk, the Clickky’s Chief Revenue Officer, comments::

“The Clickky Mobile AdExchange API is an innovative approach to mobile marketing, and currently the fastest growing platform. Our goal is to create the best monetization solution for mobile web and app traffic in the World.”

Why Clickky?
Founded in Ukraine in 2013, Clickky has become the largest platform for ad offers in Eastern Europe. We are now a leading app monetization platform throughout emerging markets. Our team has grown to more than 80 staff members in offices around the world: Ukraine, Russia, Israel and the United States. The Clickky platform stands out against the background of other mobile ad platforms, because it is completely built on proprietary technology that comprehensively captures and analyzes a whole host of traffic sources, generates leads and installs at an optimal cost to clients optimal cost.
Clickky is proud to claim that it is a company that relieves its customers of the cost of manual work related to launching ad campaigns. The heart of the platform’s core is Clickky’s own CPA network and media buying engine, which was designed to decide whether purchasing ads on traffic generated from major worldwide mobile ad networks would optimally support the client’s goals. Clickky operates worldwide, focusing on mobile traffic monetization with a core competence in dealing with mobile app for iOS and Android globally. In 2016, Inc.5000 rated Clickky as a TOP-5 ad and marketing company and TOP-3 as a mobile ad-tech company.

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