Clickky CEO Vadim Rogovskiy on App Marketing and How to Buy Installs on Twitter and Facebook

Jamie Giggs | November 18, 2014

Mobile Advertising


Clickky is a global app marketing platform that works across all types of traffic sources on a performance-based model. Vadim Rogovskiy is the CEO and founded the company in 2010. Vadim has over 5 years online marketing experience focusing on performance-based campaigns, mobile advertising, ad tracking and affiliate marketing. We caught up with Vadim to find out more about Clickky and hear his views on the latest trends in mobile advertising including buying app installs on Twitter and Facebook and what he thinks will be big for 2015.


Can you tell us a bit about Clickky and how are you positioned in the market?

Today Clickky is one of the largest mobile app marketing platforms in Eastern Europe. Our aim is achieving the goals of our customer’s mobile app marketing campaigns and bring the users of the highest quality, utilizing the entire mobile ecosystem. Clickky already has an impressive ad inventory through an extensive network of affiliates, partnership with leading SSPs, ad networks and social media platforms. This provides us with the scale to expand the capabilities of our platform and get new markets.

What type of customers do you work with?

We have customers from all over the world. Our main verticals are gaming, travel, social, dating and soft gambling, and 60% of our inventory is iOS and 40% – Android. We primarily work with direct advertisers, but also cooperate with the biggest agencies and affiliate networks.

What are the main geographies and countries you are focused on right now?

As with many of our competitors, we used to be focused mostly on English-speaking countries and Western Europe until this year, and also we always have been very strong in Russia. However, since the beginning of this year, we’ve actively started operating in the Asian market. Top priority countries for us there at the moment are South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, SEA, and currently we are running many active campaigns there.

You are now providing a service to help advertisers buy installs on Twitter. What advantages are there for advertisers to work with Clickky rather than directly with the Twitter App Promotion Suite?

Currently, we’ve got unique conditions in the market for running campaigns on Twitter. The uniqueness of the proposal is that our clients only pay for the installs of the app and not for clicks or impressions. Also, keeping in mind, that we’ll do everything to fine-tune and optimize campaigns on Twitter. Our clients will only benefit from such pricing model without the risk of wasteful spending of their advertising budget. By the way, another advantage is that we do everything in a turnkey basis. From the creation of ad creatives and conducting their A/B testing till the adjustment and optimization of the advertising campaigns.

Facebook has become very dominant in the app advertising market over the past year and has become more and more important for app marketing. Is Clickky working with this platform and how do you see this evolving?

Yes, for a long time we have had relationship with Facebook, which has been one of our reliable sources of quality traffic. Clickky became a Verified Facebook Ad Provider in 2012, which means that we have been chosen to serve ads on Facebook social apps. Regarding mobile side of business, we are currently in a process of Facebook Ads API integration into our platform. After deploying it, we will get access to massive Facebook mobile inventory and will be able to manage campaigns according to CPI and CPE goals for our clients automatically, which is a crucial thing when you need to effectively manage hundreds of active campaigns.

What other new products and services are you working on?

Early next year we will release a completely new, innovative product for app developers. It is a set of tools for monetizing traffic in non-gaming applications, mostly with integrated profit optimization based on the analysis of users’ interests. We are also developing a new user-friendly interface for advertisers with more features than ever before. A know-how of this interface is real-time analytics of boost campaigns.

Where is Clickky heading as a business and what are your strategic priorities over the next year?

First of all we are growing technologically, hiring more talented developers, and building a world class mobile app marketing platform, which utilizes an entire mobile ecosystem to bring only the most relevant and high quality users to our clients. We continue to penetrate into emerging markets with high potential and big smartphone adoption rates.

What do you think the big trends in the mobile advertising market are for 2015?

I think video formats for mobile advertising will continue to grow rapidly in 2015, as well as native advertising. Also it’s very interesting to see how smart watches’ expansion will affect mobile advertising. Also I think that more and more app developers will start to gradually switch from buying on CPI to CPE, paying only for active users. It will cause that advertisers will become more demanding and will pay even more attention to transparency and analytics.

What mobile devices do you use?

I use iPhone 5, and am planning to buy the iPhone 6 as a gift for myself for the New Year. 🙂

What’s your favourite app/game?

I don’t play mobile games often at all, but my favourite game of all time is Bad Piggies, as for me it’s even more exciting than Angry Birds.

Thanks to Vadim for doing the interview and we look forward to keeping up with the latest news from the Clickky team.  For more information, head over to Clickky or check out the Clickky profile in our directory.

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