ClickDealer increases referral payouts in Q1, 2019

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Posted: January 17, 2019

Providing partners with more has always been a key priority for the ClickDealer team – from supplying exclusive offers and ensuring there is a bonus program at any given moment in time, to throwing classy private parties and developing their own tracking platform for everybody’s convenience.

The company’s partner referral program is a vital part of such strategy, and the arrival of 2019 has prompted ClickDealer to adjust it accordingly – by raising the bonus pay rates!

Consequently, for this year’s Q1 the reward commission rate is increased from 2% to 3%!

Unlike many CPA networks out there, no threshold is required to be met by your reffered affiliate to be rewarded by ClickDealer, and both new and existing referrals are eligible for the program.

Here are a few examples of how the update will actually increase the referral payouts in Q1, 2019:

  • $25 000 – $500 + $250
  • $50 000 – $1000 + $500
  • $100 000 – $2000 + $1000
  • $150 000 – $3000 + $1500

Note that this is just an illustration of some common milestones – and if your referral earns as much as $1000 with ClickDealer, you’ll still get $20+$10 added to your referral commissions!

To check your referral terms, stats and get your unique link in the ClickDealer dashboard all you have to do is log in and go to “Tools” -> “Referral program” to conveniently access all of the data in one place.

Join the team in case you haven’t done it yet and hurry to bring your friends to get a juicy reward from ClickDealer!