ClickDealer opens a new office in Shanghai to advance into the rapidly growing mobile performance market in China

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Posted: July 16, 2015

ClickDealer is noticing an increase in demand for its services from advertisers, publishers and agencies. As a part of our growth strategy we would like to draw even closer to our partners, many of which are in Asia. Therefore, ClickDealer is pleased to announce the opening of a new office located in Shanghai, China; a landmark in the development of our company.

ClickDealer’s new office is based in the heart of Shanghai

Expanding to 7 offices worldwide, ClickDealer wields indispensable local expertise and along with global coverage and reliable partners all over the world, we can offer high-quality, cost-effective services in any time zone. Placed in the robust and modern city of Shanghai, ClickDealer’s new office will provide an exclusive opportunity to reinforce our commitment to our Asian media partners. With an office of native Chinese speakers, communication will become more fluent and effective.
Moreover, the opening will present us a distinctive opportunity to meet personally with our partners, allowing us to set up exclusive offers as well as provide new marketing solutions locally. Taking communication with Asian partners to the next level is one of the biggest mutual benefits we’ll share with our partners. We are excited about the fact that from now on СlickDealer will be able to strengthen its presence in one of the most contributing areas in the industry.
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