ClickDealer Meetup 2017 Comes to Mexico

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Partner Post - ClickDealer - The wildest event yet!

Posted: September 1, 2016

The next ClickDealer Meetup is coming back this January, this time to the scenic shores of Puerto Vallarta.

ClickDealer’s meetups are becoming the annual pilgrimage point for top affiliates across various corners of the planet. Previous events were a lot of  fun, and each year they raise the stakes, improving the experience based on the feedback they get from their partners.

The party is preluded with a luchador-themed contest called ‘El Gran Torneo’. The competition is held across nine categories, in which the more traffic an affiliate drives – the higher they get on the tournament table. Two winners from each category shall receive the main prize: a ticket to Mexico for ClickDealer Meetup 2017 with all expenses covered!

What are you waiting for? Mexico awaits you. Get involved here.

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