ClickDealer launches its first Smartlink

One of the most challenging aspects of performance marketing campaigns is the sheer amount of analysis and optimization that goes into keeping them profitable at a reasonable volume for extended periods of time.

When smartlinks hit the market, many affiliate marketers jumped at the opportunity – only to find non-transparent funnels suitable for remnant traffic.

ClickDealer team has decided to refine the technology and create a DATING SMARTLINK that would:

  • Distribute your traffic among direct offers from our most trusted advertisers.
  • Allow you to keep your individual payouts on any given offer.
  • Rotate a massive base of freshly updated and internally tested creatives.
  • Automatically optimize creative combinations and traffic distribution on the go.
  • Provide detailed real-time reporting on performance, both individual and network-wide.

In other words, an effective and transparent funnel that can actually monetize high quality traffic.

Offer 56193 is live and available under the “Smartlinks” section in ClickDealer’s affiliate portal, go ahead and create a campaign!

If you need any assistance setting up your campaigns or navigating the section, their recent blog post features a detailed guide with step-by-step screenshots.

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