ClickDealer Brings New Opportunities to Profit With Dropshipping Vertical

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Posted: May 24, 2018

E-commerce entrepreneurs all over the world are switching over to Dropshipping – the model in which a merchant doesn’t own or stock inventory, but ships it directly from a vendor to the customer. ClickDealer jumped on the opportunity and set up a wide range of Dropshipping offers for affiliate marketers to profit on.
Dropshipping’s main advantage is the amount of costs the business model cuts out of the supply process. Without managing stock, packaging, and shipping, the margin allows for more budget to be allocated towards marketing. This creates incredible payouts for affiliate marketers.
The vertical is completely whitehat, so affiliates don’t need to worry about the threat of getting their accounts banned. The tracking pixel is easy to integrate, and the cookie session lasts for 24 hours (which is longer than the majority of current e-commerce portals offer), which leaves plenty of leeway for customers to come around and make a purchase.
The ClickDealer team is ready to share insights and custom creatives, as well as introduce you to the full range of products available for promotion. Check out the article on ClickDealer’s blog for a comprehensive guide on setting up a campaign and see for yourself how easy it is to make a quick buck in Dropshipping!