ClickDealer at Affiliate Summit West 2015

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Posted: February 10, 2015

The Affiliate Summit West 2015 was full of information this year for those hungering to learn more about the mobile industry, or for those already part of it wishing to sharpen up their existing skills and knowledge. ClickDealer was there sponsoring a useful seminar by top internet marketer Charles Ngo.
Charles spoke about his time at the Affiliate Summit West 2015 and said:

“I had some amazing feedback on the presentation and over 600+ showed up. Dropped non-stop bombs on ads, landing pages, mobile, and revealed a system I used to make $5k a day profit with $5/hr VA’s. I revealed my training program at the end and was blown away by the amount of interest. No matter what you know I’m still going to keep providing tons of free value on the blog. The advanced training’s an option for whoever wants an unfair advantage by being my student. Going to the STM meetup was crazy. Literally stopped every 10 seconds by someone. It’s weird to meet people for the first time and they tell you that you’re responsible for their success. Thanks to everyone who helped make ASW epic!”

Charles and his ‘Super Affiliate Blueprint Seminar‘ was over 3 hours long and covered landing pages, mobile and much more. The year of 2015 has just started but there’s plenty more to come. Stay tuned.
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