Chris Hanage, Appflood GM Europe on the Appflood Android App Affiliate Network

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Partner Post - Appflood

Posted: October 14, 2014

In this interview AppFlood’s GM for Europe Chris Hanage,  talks about the new Appflood Affiliate Network, what it offers advertisers and publishers and how it sets itself apart from the competition. Chris is a London Business School MBA alumni and previously headed up business development at Synergenix, Infospace and PlayerX before moving to Appflood in 2011. Appflood is a leading programmatic ad platform that offers a real time app advertising exchange linking buyers and sellers of mobile inventory. They have also recently launched an affiliate network focusing on Android apps with offers from many of the leading Chinese internet brands. We caught up with Chris to find out more … 
AppFlood is already active in the app advertising market with an RTB-enabled ad exchange. You’ve also recently launched an affiliate-based network offering performance-based campaigns. How does the new app affiliate platform fit into the Appflood portfolio and why have you launched it?
Appflood is all about scale. We now have clients who regularly drive over 100k downloads a day and what we’ve found, as we’ve grown, is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to mobile UA. This new endeavor is a reflection of that and is simply another channel which for the right sort of affiliate can sit alongside our existing Appflood UA mechanics so that we can match the commercial needs of a wider range of partners
Appflood is known for its strong connections to Chinese advertisers and their growing ad budgets – how can developers and media buyers benefit from accessing this new customer segment via your affiliate network?
The key advantage of our offering is that we have a large amount of exclusive, high paying offers with Chinese advertisers. These advertisers have large budgets and want to access western inventory. We’re not interested in rehashing old and tired offers that seem to bounce around the market. We’re about high payouts, uncapped budgets and exclusive offers; those are our Three Musketeers!
What types of offers (apps, games, dating?) are you providing on the new appflood affiliate network?
We have a very diverse range of apps. For example we have Go Launcher, which is an Android home screen launcher, WPS Office which is a full office productivity suite on mobile, and Dolphin Browser a popular mobile browser. The types of offers that we don’t provide are adult and real money gambling apps.
Why do you think the CPI-based business model makes sense for advertisers and publishers?
In today’s freemium world CPI works because it aligns the publisher and the advertisers interests. The advertiser wants their app on the customer’s device and the publisher has the quality traffic and environment to make that happen. CPI enables advertisers to acquire users at the most cost effective price, and the highest payout for publishers per-download. The difficulty is that there are a lot of tired old apps out there that seem to do the rounds at low payouts, but thanks to our strong relationships with advertisers we’re able to negotiate exclusives and higher payouts.
What sort of offers are proving most successful at the moment on the platform?
That’s a tough question as they vary so much. I’ve seen a AAA game, productivity tools, and a browser all hit 100k a day in the last week!
Are you looking to work with mobile publishers/ app developers or mobile media buyers or both for these new campaigns?
While we work closely with existing mobile publishers and developers, our affiliate network focuses on working with media buyers whether they’re established affiliates with a full-scale operation that includes web or mobile, or simply individual affiliates looking to garner higher revenue for their competitive traffic volume.
What sort of account management and affiliate management support are you offering and how can affiliates best work with you?
We have full support in place for our affiliates much as we do for our other services, but we also offer affiliates deep discounts and priority statuses in instances like helping them open an AdWords account, or providing direct access to top traffic providers should their account run into issues.
How do you see the Appflood affiliate network evolving in the future and what have you got planned over the next 6 months?
It’s in its early days now but for in the short term we’re focused on offering affiliates a high-value platform that provides unique access to higher revenue-generating offers from those Chinese publishers with uncapped budgets. Over the months we’ll continue to bring on more exclusive offers with high payouts, while listening to feedback from partnered affiliates to understand how we can continuously improve our platform for them.
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