Chen Di, CEO of Adxmi Talks Mobile Advertising

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Posted: August 3, 2016

Chen Di, a post-85’s pioneer entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of Youmi Technology Co. Ltd., the parent company of Adxmi. In March 2013, Chen was one of Forbes’ “30 entrepreneurs of under 30-year-old” in China. In 2014, he entered the selection of “Elites of Post-85’s ” in CITY ZINE magazine. In 2015, Youmi was one of the enterprises of the Forbes’ “Unlisted TOP100 Potential Enterprise”. In November 2015, Youmi listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations in China.
Adxmi CEO
What is Adxmi and how are you positioned in the market?
Adxmi is a globalized mobile advertising platform subordinated to Youmi Technology Co.,Ltd.. With years of experiences and accumulated resources in China mobile advertising industries, Adxmi has developed various mobile advertising products with strong competitiveness. Adxmi attaches great importance to each link of its overseas operation, from the overseas marketing in the early stage, to the premium traffic promotion, ranking list optimization, customer acquisition and the traffic monetization in the later stage.
For the entire year since its establishment, Adxmi has registered impressive achievements in the overseas marketing of social media, overseas promotion of mobile games and utilities applications as well as the overseas marketing of cross-board electric business.
Adxmi mobile promotion and monetization company

What types of clients do you work with?
Adxmi works with advertiser, developer, Ad Network and affiliates. We provide solutions for advertisers developers, help developers and affiliates to better monetize their traffic.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Adxmi started its business in China, stretching out to South Asia and North America. In 2016, we established a local subsidiary at Los Angeles, which will further serve customers at North America. And I think the most growth regions will be seen at Brazil, India, Thailand and Indonesia.
What are your main tips for successful mobile advertising?
Take running a content ad as an example.
The first step for successfully launching a mobile advertising campaign is to understand your products and build up a advertising model. Say, when people start a campaign for some time and find out that the exposure rate and CTR are lower than they expected, most of them would adjust parameters or ads design immediately. If the performance still goes down, they will rise the price and test again. Actually, we don’t suggest you to do like that. What we should do is to build up a test model for advertising and compare with other test groups. Adjust and record the data until you find the ideal model for your products of brand.
The second step is to control impression rate which is the fundamental data for content ad’s testing. If the impression rate of a game’s content ad is too low, the testing data would be the least representative.
Generally speaking, more targeting tags mean less impression.
The last step is to improve the click rate by conducting group testing. Gaming advertiser prefers gaining a higher CTR with lower CPC. To achieve this goal, we should design the ad style (image, text) according to the media UI style, which would significantly increase user’s acceptance. Then make a comparison among different design formats and chose the better way.
In a word, a success content ad advertising requires three factors: understanding the product, controlling impression rate and conducting group testing.
What do you think about native ad format potential? Do you believe it’s going to replace all other formats?
Native ad sees great potential and advantages in brand communication and audience interaction, especially in social media. With its nature of soft-placement, high-quality user experience, native ad develops rapidly in China. For example, we can see this kind of ad format at Wechat and Weibo (social media platforms similar to Facebook) frequently and is rather highly accepted by users than traditional ad formats such as banner and interstitial.
But I doubt the possibility that native ad will replace all other formats because native ad has its limitation that it would take times to achieve marketing goals. And in a very long period all the other formats coexist as an integrated marketing combination.
What app categories do you see as the most lucrative for app developers to monetize as affiliates?
From my point of view, gaming, making-money-online and utilities are the most lucrative categories for app developers to monetize as affiliates.
In your opinion, do you see mobile apps overtaking mobile web completely or it’ll continue to hold some small part of the mobile market down the road?
Apps will gradually overtake mobile web and become the mainstream. While mobile web would not disappear and will takes a smaller part in the market.
What kind of people work with you in the team at Adxmi?
Members at Adxmi are young, creative, energetic and internationalized. With advanced technology and experience at overseas’ mobile advertising, we work diligently to serve our customers.