Chartboost rolls out Playable Ads for more engaging mobile game advertising

Anne Freier | February 24, 2017

Mobile Advertising


Source Chartboost

Chartboost, the mobile gaming marketing company, has launched its own brand of playable ads for mobile games. Called Chartboost Playable Ads, the company hopes that these ads will attract increased user interest and growing revenue for game publishers.
Generally, this type of in-app advertising has been shown to result in greater engagement. Consumers can tap on an ad and instantly have a go at the game advertised.
Maria Alegre, the CEO of Chartboost, explains that interaction is a vital part of the advertising experience.

“Today we’re excited to introduce an entirely new ad experience built around the player – starting with the Chartboost Playable Ad. This new ad format is more than just a playable ad, it’s an immersive interactive moment within a game where the player chooses their level of engagement. By reaching mobile gamers in their element, the ad becomes seamless and natural.”

Chartboost has spent months developing the new format together with game developers worldwide. The technology includes faster loading times of ads. For gamers, playable ads offer the perfect opportunity to test a game app before committing to download it.
Compared to static ads, campaigns on Chartboost have averaged a 123% increase in conversion and a 26% boost in retention rates. The company says that publishers have been doubling their eCPM as well.
Indeed, social casino game maker Product Madness’ conversions jumped 70% using playable ads with click-through and installation rates considerably boosted.
Patrick Witham, Director of User Acquisition at Product Madness, adds:

“We want the first experience someone has with a Product Madness game to be instantly engaging and fun. This can be a challenge with static or video – it’s a passive experience. Now with Chartboost’s interactive playable ads, the player gets a taste in under 20 seconds, so when they install, we already know that they’re engaged.”

Chartboost Playable Ads are designed to boost user interaction and as such app developers can expect higher rates of users returning, increasing the lifetime value of their app users.

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