Charity mobile apps – apply now for the chance to benefit from Yodel Mobile’s mobile app marketing expertise

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 10, 2018

Ever more charities are joining the mobile revolution and have launched their own apps to engage supporters. Now, Yodel Mobile, the mobile marketing agency, has announced plans to support a selected charity mobile app by offering a free support service.
In a much welcome move, the agency pledged to provide free support to one charity for an entire 12 months through its team of mobile and app marketing experts.
By making its resources available free of charge, the company will be supporting a much deserving cause.
Yodel Mobile acknowledges that the expertise required to successfully market an app can be both expensive and time-consuming. For many charities this can be daunting task, however, one that is vital in order to secure future donations and keep supporters engaged and updated.
It’s clear that the consumer shift toward mobile technologies is already transforming the way in which we make donations. Indeed, mobile charitable donations have increased 8 percentage points to 17% since 2014, according to the Blackbaud 2016 Charitable Giving Report.

Fit to Market charity apps

The selected charity app will be supported through Yodel Mobile’s Fit to Market programme. The programme combines strategies to acquire, engage and retain organic app users, and anyone can apply.
Among the Fit to Market app marketing strategies are organic discoverability, app store optimisation processes, app virality, onboarding, mCRM and A/B testing.
Interested charities should apply to Yodel Mobile by Friday 13th April 2018 via outlining details of their charity and app, as well as their current digital strategy and marketing teams. Charities wishing to be considered by Yodel Mobile should also explain how they may benefit from the firm’s app consultancy expertise.
The company recommends that charities should have the manpower and resources in place to make the necessary recommendations. In addition, the agency plans to work closely with the charity team to streamline a mobile marketing workflow.
With just one week left to go, make sure you apply now.