Celtra secures $15 million funding from Unilever and WPP to drive creative transformation

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 22, 2017

Celtra, the mobile advertising company, has just announced a $15 million funding round led by WPP, the advertising and PR firm, and Unilever, which will be taking a minority stake in the company.
Celtra has been gaining traction over the last few years to become an established player in the mobile ad space. Its AdCreator mobile ad platform empowers advertisers and brands to create, manage and distribute their ads across devices. In addition, the company just recently rolled out support for publishers to create ads for Apple News.
According to a press release, Unilever will be utilising Celtra’s creative tech across its global marketing services. Miha Mikek, Founder and CEO of Celtra, explains that the company’s aim is to help brands and partners transform to become “highly performant, data-driven, effective digital storytellers.”
As mobile advertising is set to account for 77% of total digital ad spend in 2021, reaching $9.45 billion this year in the UK alone, it is becoming ever more challenging for advertisers to remain ahead of the mobile ad ecosystem.
Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Officer at Unilever, adds:

“People deserve advertising that feels native to each medium and delivers emotional value. Celtra helps us deliver that at global scale.”

For Unilever, the deal drives a more dynamic and programmatic digital strategy. The company recently measured creative fatigue in-house and noted that 60% of its ads were not online long enough for consumers to notice them.
Meanwhile, WPP is focused on offering clients improved ad tech, data and content options. Martin Sorrell, Chief executive officer, WPP, says:

“We believe the market is due for a creative management solution that can deliver real-time data driven creative at scale and tailored for every individual, across media channels. Celtra is a leader in this space. This investment is in line with WPP’s commitment to technology, data and content, which, along with horizontality, new markets and new media, comprise the Group’s four strategic priorities.”