Canadian mobile advertisers want guaranteed results for their video campaigns

Anne Freier | February 16, 2017

Mobile Advertising


Source Videology

A large number of Canadian mobile and digital advertisers are now requesting guaranteed results for their video campaigns. These are the findings of a report from TV and video advertising software provider Videology.
98% of advertisers using Videology’s platform used the ‘Guaranteed CPM’ as a programmatic buying type. The pricing model guarantees advertisers reserved inventory and fixed prices. This ensures they know the cost of a campaign as well as the volume associated with that cost ahead of a launch.

Most advertisers are now opting for view-through rates as an objective (69%), followed by click-through rate (20%) and viewability rates (17%). Viewability was found to be three times higher as an objective than three years ago.

Bryan Segal, Managing Director, Videology Canada, says:

“The nature of video advertising – built from the roots of TV – is one of constrained, premium inventory. Advertisers understand the importance of running against quality content and they understand that there’s only so much of it to go around. Knowing that, bided strategies without guarantees on cost or return simply don’t work. They need the guarantees in order to optimize their advertising strategy against their sales goals.”

Videology also noted that campaigns tended to run in demographic targeting mode to include selection of audiences by age or gender. Domain and geographic location as well as behaviour were also important targeting tactics.


The top advertising category was automotive with 29% of campaigns, followed by health and fitness (22%), and retail (21%).

Most of the cross-screen campaigns included mobile and PC only (24%). Another 7% came from a combination of PC, Mobile and OTT. Targeting just PCs increased to 67% during the fourth quarter.


When it comes to advertising length, marketers haven’t budged to trial shorter formats. 50% of ads were still 30 seconds long, whilst 47% were 15 seconds in length and 3% were 20-second spots. It appears something must be working for them.

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