Byte to pay creators up to $250,000 as part of programme roll-out

Anne Freier | March 4, 2020

App Business

Short video app Byte will begin to pay creators up to $250,000 for their videos as part of its creator programme.

Launching in April 2020, the programme is currently restricted to 100 creators. Eligible influencers and creators can send in an application to Byte to be selected.

Naturally, the company is looking for people who are active on the app and post regularly.

The amount creators will be paid will depend on how many views their video attracts, but Byte said it would pay out regularly (ever 30 days over four months).

At the start of the programme launch, creators have to be based in the US, but the TikTok competitor is looking to expand into other territories soon.

“We want byte to be a home for emerging creators across a range of genres, styles, and communities. We’ll be building out the Partner Program with creators who capture the variety and uniqueness of byte. The start of each Partner Pool will be a fresh opportunity for new voices to be recognized,” the company wrote in a blog post.

To make things a little clearer, Byte published some guidelines on what it is looking for from creators. Videos should be original in content and showcase the unique viewpoint of a creator. They must be regularly participating in the community. Videos should be a 9:16 non-letterbox format.

As of right now, the app has committed to put 100% of its ad revenues into its partner programme. Whether it stands a chance against TikTok remains to be seen.

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