BuzzCity launches Urban Clusters to help mobile advertisers target key groups

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BuzzCity, the mobile advertising network, last month added ‘Urban Clusters’ to its features. It eases the process of identification and targeting of key groups across emerging markets in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Thailand for mobile marketers.
BuzzCity now enables advertisers to target users more accurately
This year, emerging markets are a major growth driver for global ad spend. The market is projected to double ad spending between 2016 and 2019 to $195.55bn, according to eMarketer. BuzzCity Urban Clusters are a unique approach to capture those emerging audiences.
With India and Malaysia experiencing growth by as much as 13-17% during Q1 2015, urban audiences are becoming large targets for mobile advertisers. Urban Clusters gives marketers the ability to target these audiences by location. Dr KF Lai, CEO and founder of BuzzCity, explains:

“We are constantly refining our techniques. We are expanding current research to use IP addresses as the basis of targeting: this allows advertisers to better target internet users with more relevant ads, depending on their location.”

Urban Clusters leverages proprietary data from regular audience sampling and lets marketers display ads on sites where 65% of the audience is part of that urban cluster. BuzzCity receives its insights from publisher networks, collects information on gender, age, location and occupation. The new BuzzCity Report Vol 5 Issue 2reveals a 14% rise in delivered paid ads across its networks in Q1 2015.
Having recently launched Audience Clusters to enables brands to target users by a set of demographics, Urban Clusters is the next step in the expansion of the company’s tools for mobile marketers.

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