Buying mobile traffic for affiliates

James Cooper | February 1, 2012


This post is part of the MobPartner Insights series written by Morgan Coudray
MobPartner Insights #1 – Mobile Traffic for Affiliate Mobile Media Buyers
Mobile media buying is an art that requires an in-depth knowledge of various traffic sources.  Since each ad network’s inventory changes over time and because of the impressive targeting-ability of mobile advertising it is hard to know which adnetwork is best suited for this or this campaign. The person most suited for such a job is your account manager. Most of the time he will have visibility on all viable traffic sources.
Mobile Traffic Breakdowns
Some adnetworks release their traffic breakdown such as Buzzcity with campaign planner ( or MobFox (, however, many do not. To better plan your campaigns and scale quickly, such information is crucial. Do not hesistate to reach out to each adnetwork to obtain a breakdown of their top traffic sources.
Where to buy traffic for first-timers

  • Buzzcity – good network to buy world traffic from. Quality is average. Allows you to bid at $0.01 per click!
  • Jumptap – good source of US, UK and AU traffic. Higher quality means minimum bids of $0.1

Random Adnetwork Specificities for Experienced Media Buyers

  • Adfonic – as known as they are for their European traffic, their South African traffic is excellent
  • Admoda – their user-interface is not optimized yet their traffic can be incredible – South African conversion rate is high!
  • MobFox – a growing traffic in many countries. Some very lucrative niches in Germany, Australia and more.
  • Vserv – little traffic but very high quality.

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