Brus Media Co-Founder, Nic Blair on Incentivised Burst Campaigns and More

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Partner Post - Brus Media - Mobile affiliate network

Posted: January 28, 2015

Brus Media is a mobile affiliate network focused on performance-based advertising for publishers and advertisers of apps. Nic Blair co-founded Brus Media in 2012 with business partner and friend Shon Siemonek. Having founded a number of successful ventures, his passion for the digital space naturally progressed to mobile and in particular, the promotion of apps. Brus is still one of only two mobile affiliate networks operating out of Australia, working with advertisers and publishers around the world. We caught up with Nic to find out what exactly Brus Media does and discussed the big trends for mobile advertising in 2015.
What is Brus Media and how are you positioned in the market?
We are a mobile affiliate network, specialising only in CPI and CPE campaigns for mobile apps. Because we only focus on one type of activity, we have become experts in managing and optimising campaigns for our advertisers. All campaigns are fully managed and we work with advertisers to optimise their performance through providing as much transparency as possible.
What types of advertisers do you work with?
Our top three categories in 2014 were shopping, travel and games which makes up the bulk of our advertiser categories. We handle both incent and non-incent campaigns and work with some large brands in countries throughout the world, mainly from English speaking markets. We are looking for long term advertisers that want to work directly with us for ongoing improvements to their app marketing and results.
What’s the mix of direct publishers vs media buyers on your network and how is this changing?
Currently we have around 1500 direct publishers, in comparison to about 100 media buyers. As more companies begin to invest in developing and growing app traffic for the purpose of advertising revenue like many have done in the web space, I think we’ll see continual growth in direct publisher relationships. That being said I think the best combination for campaign performance involves both, so that you have access to test all media sources available.
What types of offers are working right now on your network?
We have been working on quite a number of large incent burst campaigns (high volume over short period) recently for some big apps in the industry and they are performing really well, for both our advertisers and publishers. The app store rankings are being improved greatly from these campaigns and our publishers are see good return in short periods when we run these campaigns.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Our top performing geos at the moment would be in the US, Canada, UK and Europe with Asian markets growing quickly behind them. Ironically as a Australian based company, AU was one of our smallest markets until more recent months where we’ve started seeing more and more growth in the country as people look to capitalise on the growing app store market.
What are your main tips for success in mobile affiliate marketing and app marketing?
Firstly you need to understand the goals you want to achieve from your campaigns before you set out. You can’t benchmark performance if you don’t understand your goals. Is it app store rankings? Organic downloads? User registrations? In app purchases? These can all have a very different impact on how you view campaign success. If you’re engaged in the affiliate marketing space, ensure that you are tracking publisher id’s from your affiliate network so that you can identify top performers and work with your account manager to optimise accordingly. We focus on this with our advertisers to ensure we are getting traffic from the top performers. Finally, with the importance of app download frequency and volume, the best combination we’ve seen always involves a mix of both incent and non-incent traffic.
What do you think the big themes for mobile advertising are going to be in 2015?
One thing we’re currently testing with a number of advertisers is incent CPE (cost-per-engagement) over the standard CPI model. An engagement can be anything from registration, searching, completing an intro step, etc. We want to mature the market to this type of mobile campaign because we believe it helps establish even better performance for our long term advertisers. I think the mobile advertising industry will start to shift towards more goal-orientated advertising. Video will also continue to grow at a fast pace as the app store gets more crowded and the bigger advertisers need to find more fresh ways to stand out in the crowd.
What mobile devices do you use?
My daily device is a Galaxy S5, but I’ve also got an iPad and a Galaxy Tab.
What are your favourite apps?
NBA Jam, SONOS, Uber and Spotify.
Are you going to buy an Apple Watch?
I think I’m going to skip the Apple Watch being that I prefer my Android device, but I have decided that I’m completely ready to embrace wearables and will no doubt have some kind of smart watch in the near future!
Thanks Nic for the interesting insights. Head over to the Brus Media website for more or check out the Brus Media profile in our directory.

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