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Posted: October 24, 2016

Mobile markets in North America, Europe have been growing really fast but at this point they are matured and saturated. If you’ve been looking for a new fast-growing market to release your mobile app on to increase your revenue or tap the local mobile publishers potential, Brazil is one of the best candidates to consider in Latin America.

In this article we want to bring up the Avazu research data that covers specifically Brazil, a country with the leading economy in South America. The research addresses a broad set of questions that draw a comprehensive picture that brings you up-to-speed with the current state of the internet in Brazil. We want to zoom in on the statistics for the mobile internet in Brazil.

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Key Brazil Mobile Internet Usage Data Points:

  • Brazil mobile internet users number in 2015 – 85 million
  • Brazil top mobile operating system – Android (72% of users)
  • Most popular mobile app – WhatsApp (47 million users)
  • Most popular topic Brazilians prever mobile internet to desktop – Family & Parenting (64% of users)
  • Most popular app category in Brazil – Social (20% of users)
  • Most popular Messaging app – WhatsApp (95% of users)

In Latin America Brazil is one the biggest players in terms of the Internet usage. In 2015 all Latin America countries combined had 332 million Internet users, among these 114 millions are Brazilians which is roughly one third of the total. When we look at the mobile internet users, we see that Brazil had almost a half of the total number of mobile internet users, 85 million out of 231. By 2020 it’s projected that the growth of both internet and mobile internet users in Brazil, compared to the growth in Latin America in general, will be slowing down. We should expect to have 144 million internet users in Brazil out of 414 million in Latin America in general, again 1/3 of the total number on the continent. The number of mobile internet users in Brazil is projected to present only 1/3 of the total number of users in Latin America, 120 million out of 395.

Internet Users: Mobile Vs. Desktop, In Millions

Source:  WeAreSocial/eMarketer/Ericson via Avazu

Just as with any industrial country in the world, the Brazilian pool of devices to access the internet is presented with a desktop, smartphone and tablet. The number of desktop users in Brazil is 79 million, number of smartphone users is 55 million, and number of tablet users is 11 million. When it comes to age, the majority of Brazilian population that has an access to the internet is younger than 34 years, 39% is at 12-24 years age group and 23% is at 25-34 years old group.

Thanks to the affordability of Android driven mobile devices, 72% of Brazilians spend their time on mobile with Android OS smartphones and tablets.

% Time Spent on Mobile

Source: comScore via Avazu

As to the apps that Brazilians use the most, WhatsApp, Google Play (for mobile apps) and Google Search present the Top 3. Almost 47 million communicate with their friends and family with WhatsApp instant messaging app, 46 million of Brazilians browse the Google’s app store for new apps and more than 40 million search the internet via Google Search app.

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Most Popular Mobile Apps, in millions

Source: comScore via Avazu

With the advance of the mobile in Brazil, it’s interesting to see how desktop internet is shifting to mobile. Let’s stack up these two channels with each other for how people prefer to reach out different kind of information. When it comes to searching for family and parenting related information, 64% of Brazilians use mobile apps. The second in popularity kind of information that Brazilians prefer to reach with mobile apps is e-cards, 59% of the internet users in Brazil send greetings via mobile apps.

Desktop internet vs. mobile in Brazil

Source: comScore via Avazu

Next up is how much mobile apps are installed on mobile devices in Brazil and frequent they being used. Average number of apps Brazilians have installed is 63 per device, 36% of these apps are games. Globally mobile users use 26 apps regularly on a monthly basis, Brazilians open slightly less number of apps a month, only 22 and the majority of these apps are non-games, to be specific it’s 92%.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the biggest segment on the app usage frequency graph pie occupy Social apps with 20% of the total and Games with almost 12%. It’s interesting to see Tools with almost 17%, productivity and utilities apps aren’t among top app categories globally and in US or Europe in particular.

App Usage Frequency, By Type

Source: AppAnnie via Avazu Inc.

And finally, let’s take a closer look at what specific mobile apps are among Messaging apps used by Brazilians. WhatsApp and Facebook are almost head to head with 95% and 87% respectively, with Skype with 50%. Snapchat clearly is at the beginning of its path to conquer Brazil with 13%. Only a third of Brazilians have a 3G connection, and 4G has less than 1% of Brazilian population, which presents a hurdle for a Snapchat, the app that heavily relies on a high-speed mobile connection, growth on this market.

Mobile Messaging Apps Used in Brazil, by Internet Users, 2015 

Source: emarketer via Avazu Inc.

Final Thoughts

Brazilian mobile internet has been growing rapidly, in next 5 years the number of mobile internet users in Brasil will almost double. Today instant messaging is an app category that has become a mobile platform on its own and it involves into e-commerce and chat bots that help brands and businesses in general reach out customers. With WhatsApp and Facebook being the most popular Messaging apps, Facebook clearly dominates the internet, mobile in particular, in Brazil. While Brazilians do prefer to reach out content related to Family & Parenting, E-cards, Job search and several others via mobile, desktop still dominates number of categories like Politics, TV and others.

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