Brands aren’t yet delivering the digital adverts consumers want, according to new research

Whilst a majority of brands believe they are doing a good job to delivery valuable adverts, only 38% of consumers agree.
That’s according to the new Adobe Digital Insights (ADI) study, which found a disconnection between consumer and brand perception of digital adverts.
Based on the responses from 1,000 consumers and 300 brands, the gap between perceptions can be attributed to advertisers not yet doing enough. Tamara Gaffney, Principal Analyst at ADI, explains:

“The reason is the exceedingly instantaneous amount of time they have to demonstrate value to the consumer. Companies are still not built to be able to do that.”

In addition, the study highlighted a growing interest in personalised content from brands among consumers in all age groups. However, though 50% of 18-49 year-olds prefer personalised ads, they said that marketers just weren’t delivering.
Gaffney concludes that this may due to fragmented organisation and technologies that are making it harder to “progress at the five-second mark—which is all the time you have to make sure your ad was delivered relevantly and well.” She adds:

“At a time when marketers are competing for time and attention, getting digital experiences right could help set you apart from competitors.”

Whilst the cost of digital advertising has jumped 12%, total visits to US websites decline 0.4% over the last three years. Hence, it’s questionable if advertisers are getting what they pay for?
The ADI study found that advertisers have boosted their ad spend on search by 42%, but only drove an 11% increase in site visits. Mobile search was up 11% in 2016 compared to 2014 and mobile display 12%. Video ads are also on the rise.
In addition, ADI found that consumers are spending less time on websites, down 22 seconds (6%) the year over.
Video ads have been touted as a big player this year and the ADI study confirms the rise in opportunities within the format.
TV Everywhere video plays jumped 102% over the last two years whilst usership grew 110%.
Gaffney said:

“We’re in a really high-pressure environment where marketers need to not only protect their loyal base, but also efficiently steal from the competition. Our prediction is that emerging channels are going to be key in gaining new customers.”

Data is also on the up. The research found that interest in data and tech roles had grown 54% compared to more traditional creative roles (27%).
From these results it would appear that marketers who are prepared to add data options, explore mobile and video will be more prepared to serve personalised content that has the potential to satisfy consumer demand.

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