Brands are spending more on Pinterest and Snapchat ads says 4C Insights

Almost half of consumers are now making brand choices based on a brand’s core values, with social media networks creating an enhanced opportunity for customers to communicate with their favourite brands. That’s according to the latest The State of the Media report from 4C Insights based on a sample of $350 million in global media spend across 1,000+ brands.

Digital ads through 4C grew 23% between Q3 and Q4 2018, led by Pinterest and Snapchat which jumped 43% and 29%, respectively.

Facebook and Instagram ad spend through 4C grew 16%, with cosmetic and travel brands dominating. Meanwhile, LinkedIn ad spend grew 17% quarter-on-quarter in part driven by the launch of the company’s Video Ads.

Pinterest saw some of the highest growth on the platform, which 4C attributes to the launch of its Max Width Video Ads format.

Snapchat has also been busy ramping up its ad efforts through Visual Search tools and Snap Originals formats. Twitter grew 8%, with telecommunications and health advertisers seeing some of the best increases.

“The rise of direct-to-consumer brands continues to disrupt not only the brand’s market but the marketing industry,” explained 4C Client Success Director Gregg Heslop notes. “Brands can connect directly with their end consumer without needing the overhead of brick and mortar locations. Instead, they spend those dollars on building their data infrastructure and expanding across multiple platforms.”

Indeed, retailers and brands are recognising that the traditional retail model is outdated and are updating their marketing preferences accordingly.

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