Brand recall is 27% higher when users see organic brand TikTok before paid ad

Anne Freer | July 28, 2022

App Business

There’s now little doubt that TikTok has affected the way users watch video content with 35% of users saying they spend less time viewing TV or traditional video since joining TikTok. 

New research by TikTok together with Neuro-Insight found that its users are more engaged in content on the app than any other platform. Attention, the company, said is no longer predictable and scheduled but rather diverted to sources that are available all the time. This has a significant impact on the media landscape. 

But what keeps users on TikTok engaged is storytelling. Text overlays, music, brand exposure and scene changes are all critical elements brands use to foster ad memorability. 

“Thorough expertise around how different platforms interact and deep understanding around how best to use each platform is key to creating a successful brand today. Long-term memory has been previously correlated to offline sales, and this work helps brands maximize impact along this key metric,” said Pranav Yadav, CEO and Founder of Neuro-Insight US. 

“We also teased out the optimal ‘density of information’ that brands need to create maximum quality of impact. These studies provide a strong foundation for brands on TikTok to understand Ad Memorability and actionability, not just Attention.”

Unaided brand recall on TikTok was 49% compared to 42% on other platforms while aided brand recall was 62% versus 55%. Brand recall was also found to be 27% higher when users saw organic brand posts before paid ads. 

Users of TikTok tend to describe even adverts as fun, unique and authentic, highlighting a significant opportunity for marketers to foster positive engagement and relations. 

When users were exposed to ads on the app and TV, ad memorability jumped 13% while narrative connection was up 11% and engagement was up 12%.

This, in part, is driven by the creative potential that TikTok provides. But there are some strategies which are proven particularly beneficial for advertisers. 

Using real people in marketing led to a 9% rise in watch time, while remixing trends boosted viewing times 14% and storyline suspense added 16% for watch time. 

Marketers should also make use of logos as this posts recall by 28% and use CTA for a 45% rise in recall, while using products in ad led to a 25% in ad recall. 

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