Blue Frog Robotics raises $200k + for companion robot Buddy

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Blue Frog Robotics, the robotics start-up founded by French roboticist Rodolphe Hasselvander, has already crowd-funded double the amount it originally set out to raise on IndieGogo.

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Buddy is designed as a friendly companion around the house which acts as a personal assistant, patrols your home whilst you’re away, answers calls, plays with your child and communicates with you.

It is build on an open-source technology platform using tools such as OpenCV and Unity3D to enable developers to build new software applications and hardware for it. Buddy runs on the Android operation system. Jean-Michel Mourier, CTO of Blue Frog Robotics, confirms:


“About 80% of Buddy will be open source. Today, all of the major components are open source: the brain of the robot, which controls navigation, facial expressions, object and voice recognition, interfaces that control interactions, learning, making connections as well as domotics. In addition, elements of BUDDY’s mechanics are open so that developers can build accessories.”

Mourier says that Buddy’s Unity3D makes for a user-friendly and widely used foundation for robotics. With over a million Unity developers worldwide, Buddy is likely to attract some good collaborations. The robot supports primary programming languages including Python, C++, C, C#, Java and Javascript.

Blue Frog Robotics SDK for Buddy



He adds that in order to make Buddy less intimidating, the company steered clear of using a human face and instead gave it a cuter appearance. A classic Buddy currently sells on IndieGoGo for $649 with additional editions available.

Buddy Classic Edition

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Blue Frog Robotics further announced preliminary testing of Buddy with the Institute for Children with Autism (OASIS IME). Due to its friendly appearance the robot is a great companion for kids with special needs.

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