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Posted: October 12, 2016

How can I make money with my blog? I’m a developer, is there the possibility to monetize my apps? How can I do it? I have created a website, now what?
Online traffic market is filled of websites, apps and blogs and publishers are facing one of the most important problem in this industry: how to obtain views and make money in today’s market.
How to stand out in the mobile advertising market?

The  answer is simple: let Black6Adv do it for you!
Here is why. As an advertising network, we consolidated our presence in the market in the last decade via understanding dynamics and risks, knowing the best strategies to propose to our clients and suggesting them how to move and stand out from the crowd getting higher revenues.
So, here’s a little to-do list for all those publishers and developers that are looking out to this world and want to earn from their websites and apps :

  • Target them. Ok, you have an online page, a domain or an app, and you want everybody to know it and want to advertise on it. First, set the target. Analyse the market and see who are the person that might be interested in what you are saying.
  • Decide the ads. How many advertising banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, redirect pages you want to associate to your site. Too many will overcome and scare the user, too little is nearly useless. Take your time to decide how much and where to put the advertising.
  • Decide how to get paid by your advertisers. Now you have advertising spaces. The web is full of acronyms, let me explain you what they mean. CPC stands for Cost per Click (you will get paid every time a user clicks on a banner inside your page), CPM is Cost per Mille (you’ll get a fixed revenue every thousand view of the ad on your page), CPA is Cost per Actions and means that you are paid for every actions put in place by the user through your website, if you are a developer you can now easily monetize your work. We offer you the possibility to use our SDK and advertise choosing among CPC and CPI, Cost per Install, being paid every time a user download and open your application. It’s quite easy to make money this way.
  • Captivate your audience. Update your contents and get your website unforgettable. Get your website always updated and keep alive your readers’ interest . Publish images, videos and news to raise users’ engagement.
  • Find new users. It could sound easy and basic, but trust me, it’s not. Publishers and developers have to look at new business opportunities and niches in the market and take them, working with new targets.
  • Differentiate your markets. Get users all over the world. Try to be global. If you are into generic themes like sport, technology, even gossip, you can create parallel pages with different languages having the possibility to get more users.

Of course these are just small indication to get the most out of your online traffic business, but Black6adv offers you more.
Being in the industry from a long time, we have been able to collect clients from every part of the world and to get the professional experience we need to help our publishers stand out from the crowd and get real money.
Here what our clients can expect working with us:

  • Higher revenue in the market
  • Weekly online payments
  • Best quality online traffic (+18 and mainstream)
  • Site category targetisation
  • Different advertising formats inside the same website
  • Several advertising models such as CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL
  • And much more

Register your website, blog or app inside our platform and see yourself. We will be glad to have you on board.

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