Bitly launches Deep Linking feature to drive mobile users directly to mobile apps


Bitly, the URL shortening service popular on Twitter, has announced a new Deep Linking feature, specifically aimed at driving users to mobile apps. It’s introduced as part of the Bitly Brand Tools, and is designed to take advantage of the increase in smartphone and mobile-based web browsing amongst users.

Bitly Deep Linking directs mobile users to apps and mobile websites

Bitly Graphic

The way it works is simple. When mobile deep links are activated, anyone who clicks on it from a mobile device will be sent directly to the required content inside the relevant app. For example, a link leading to a BuzzFeed on Twitter would go straight to BuzzFeed’s app. If the app isn’t installed, then a prompt will show up to download it, or sent to the relevant mobile website.

Prior to Bitly’s Deep Linking feature, this type of service wasn’t available to marketers, and can potentially provide a wealth of data previously unavailable. The anonymous profiles contain data such as location and device type, which are then connected to the clicked links. Bitty currently issues more than 600 million links per month, and states approximately 60% of its traffic comes from mobile devices.

If you’re interested in trying Bitly’s Deep Linking tool, visit the company’s website to sign up for more details, plus learn more about the company by visiting Bitly’s profile here.

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