Bidsopt launches its own mobile video advertising platform

Anne Freier | August 5, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising platform, Bidsopt, has jumped onto the mobile video trend and launched its own video advertising features to support the format. Founded in 2014 with offices in Singapore and India, the company already offers banner, native and rich media ads. The expansion into video advertising on mobile devices is in line with the start-up’s ambitions to grow.
It hopes to help advertisers maximise their ROI through advanced technology tools including real-time bids and a machine-learning algorithm as well as optimisation options for campaigns.
Bidsopt launches mobile video advertising platform
The new tool comes as part of Bidsopt DSP and has been added alongside standard banner, rich media and native ads to enable advertisers to take advantage of video inventory across various exchanges. It is connected to all major RTP exchanges for direct video traffic sourcing.
Bidsopt’s expansion into mobile video is in line with current industry trends.
A survey from BrightRoll among 120 ad agencies found that 60% of them believe mobile video advertising to take off in the future. in addition, eMarketer predicts mobile video ad spending to account for half of all online ad spend in 2018.
Which ad category to do you expect to see the largest overall increase in digital media spending this year?
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With the addition of mobile video, the firm is able to offer a more bundled product which offers access to native and video supply partners. Hundreds of publishers, SSPs and Exchanges will now have access to mobile video ad demand programmatically through the firm.