Bidalgo launches self-serve platform to optimise Google Universal App Campaigns for mobile app ads

Bidalgo, the advertising creative automation software for app marketers today launched its first self-serve solution that lets app marketers improve their Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC).
The new solution is part of the company’s multi-channel user acquisition software. App marketers will get to optimise their creative assets by viewing real-time, actionable data visualisations and manage their campaigns alongside other channels for mobile installs.
Google UAC has made it significantly easier for advertisers to publish ads across Google-owned properties including Search, Play, YouTube and the Display Network. However, its ad creative transparency could be improved, according to Bidalgo.
That’s where the new self-serve platform comes in. By understanding which creative assets perform well, marketers can adjust their campaigns accordingly. The Bidalgo AI also makes recommendations for better performance.

“UAC represents a revolution in the app marketing world in terms of using machine learning to get apps into the hands of paying users, and the simplicity of the system democratises the process for all app marketers,” explained Peli Beeri, CEO at Bidalgo. “However, while it’s now easier to start advertising on UAC, it’s more difficult for advertisers to stand out and gain a competitive edge. Bidalgo gives marketers the control they need to improve their UAC performance and outmaneuvre the competition, while optimising spend across UAC and other channels.”

UAC marketers will be able to access the creative AI dashboard, tools for faster campaign creation, a multi-channel campaign manager, an asset manager, actionable data visualisations and an expert consulting service.
Bidalgo has been a Google partner for mobile advertising since November 2017, following stringent performance and mobile ad expertise requirements. Additionally, Bidalgo is an official marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.

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