Better together: Verve, Immersion and Barometric announce new partnerships and acquisitions to boost mobile advertising capabilities

Verve acquires push marketing company

Verve, the location-powered mobile advertising company, this week announced the acquisition of matchinguu GmbH, the German push marketing specialist.
The company hopes that this will boost its expansion into international markets. Matchinguu offers proximity based push and in-app notification products that will be implemented into Verve’s Velocity platform. That means, Verve clients can reach European audiences through enhanced mobile ad experiences.
Ian James , General Manager International at Verve, says:

“The acquisition came naturally, thanks to the complementary technologies and both parties having similar missions: enabling great storytelling through location-powered data. We are opening the doors to Germany’s foremost push technology; working together will make our offering even stronger for our clients and bring Verve firmly into the heart of Europe . Consumers demand relevance and engagement that is as seamless as possible and this acquisition will empower us to deliver this more than ever.”

Immersion and SpotX partner to expand haptic-response mobile video ads

SpotX, the video advertising service platform, has partnered up with developer of haptic technology, Immersion Corp, to roll out haptic-response video ads across mobile devices. The two companies hope that this should empower advertisers to roll out high-impact and tactile experiences.
Sergio De Acha, Regional Head of Business Development at Immersion, explains that haptic opportunities are continuously growing as virtual reality, wearables and touchscreen have noted a boost in popularity. It’s all about enhancing the user experience at the end of the day. He says:

“With ads you can feel, touch taps into an additional sense to help brands differentiate themselves. Our partnership with SpotX makes high-impact ad units available to buyers at scale, making the power of haptics more pervasive.”

Barometric announces three new partnerships to expand cross-device campaign measurements

Barometric, the cross-environment tracking and attribution solution, has recently announced three new strategic tech partnerships to help boost better measurements for cross-device campaigns. The company will be partnering with mobile location data company Mobiquity Networks, TV data company Aphonso and Commerce Signals, which connects advertisers and publishers with sales insights from payment transaction data.
Their combined technologies should help expand Barometric’s multi-channel tracking capabilities.
It follows a recent update of Barometric’s multi-channel attribution platform and offers a single place to unify, measure and optimise insights into the consumer’s path-to-purchase.
Matt Fusco, VP Business Development, Barometric, explains:

“A strategic piece of the new Barometric platform is the ability to seamlessly integrate and ‘plug-in’ best-of-breed data tracking solution partners for the most diverse channels and conversion environments from the online and offline worlds. We are excited to have Mobiquity Networks, Alphonso and Commerce Signals, each of which are industry leaders, join our partner ecosystem.”

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