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Posted: December 20, 2016

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The end of a year is the time for businesses to reflect on their performance during that year and share some gained knowledge. We at MOBIDEA decided to compile the list of affiliate marketing verticals that performed the best in this year and project on the upcoming 2017. We’ve managed to isolate four and here they are.
2016 was an amazing year for Nutra’s offers and this tendency won’t fly away in 2017. Nutrition, weight loss or diet offers will be part of any sensible affiliate marketing conversation.
More offers are being seen online, more affiliates are testing them and, even with an increase in the competition, it’s an almost new market to explore with a lot of cash cows to discover.
Even with a lot of competition and the new carrier regulations imposed on some more mature countries, there are other geographies that are emerging where you can find space to make money in this vertical.
Moreover, this is the market that works with different traffic sources, such as Pops, Display or even Social Media. This makes it easier for you to find profitable paths with several kinds of audiences. And not only pin submit, but also carrier billing will be able to delight affiliates!
Utility Apps
Apps development will be crucial in the following years. There are apps for virtually everyone out there. Utility apps such as antiviruses or battery savers will be on top for 2017 since they’ll accompany the growth in mobile usage.
Indeed, as users become more interested in mobile devices, the tendency to be interested in products such as battery savers is obviously increasing.
Besides that – as the audience is broad and the payouts usually low – it’ll be easier for new affiliates to access this vertical.
If they figure out they can receive a lot of money by placing a small bid, people will always look for online casinos and bets to try to get rich.
The gambling vertical went through a storm of awesome results and sparked the interest of people in the last years. More recently, it’s been gaining power in affiliate marketing.
The development of new and innovative apps, the redesign of the landing pages’ approach, and the birth of financial and binary offers more targeted to this type of audience have provided updated results and more security to the financial transactions.
This means more and more affiliates will start paying attention to Gambling next year!
If you’re looking to invest on a new vertical and/or you’re planning to create your strategy for the next year, you should definitely consider this study as a starting point. Be smart and jump on trends before other competitors do without forgetting to start slow at the beginning.
Here’s the key to success and your mantra for the year: understand the vertical, test it, get experience, and then dive into it!
The vertical you choose can either make you rich or ruin your life! Before diving right into it, you should always ask your account manager for the top offers for a given vertical and you should also ask whether or not that specific market is advisable for your traffic source.
Once you start promoting it, be aware of the competition, optimize, test, scale and find the most profitable angle for you.
The Mobidea Crew (TMC)

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