Benchmark Data: Useful or Not?

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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: May 19, 2016

“If theres one thing that is predominant in everyones inbox its the ever omniscient newsletter… But really, how helpful is most of this correspondence? Lots of text explaining new tech, links to offers, promos of events companies are attending… Thats the typical content, which can or not be of interest, however, useful?
Kimia cannot deny we have our own newsletter, we are on the bandwagon too! However our aim is always to give our current partners and future clients the most straight forward, clear, transparent information we can about what really interests them, which are markets, segments and eCPMs.
Therefore, Kimia has created a weekly “premium” newsletter for those clients that are focused and working “hand-to-hand” with our account managers, where we provide in detail information per geo, segment etc. No commercial messages slip in ever, its 100% orientated to give you previously benchmarked campaigns on performance and competitiveness, this means benchmark EPCs from trending markets and advice on how to proceed to generate the most revenue within them.
As always, we recommend that, if these geos spark an interest, you contact your AM for them to support you further on how to optimize in detail. For example, on “Hourly eCPMs”, which we spoke about in a past post that you can access here.
Kimia Premium Newsletter: Benchmark EPCs

For our future “premium” clients, as we wish all of you to be, of course!, we give a weekly sneak-peek into which segments are performing best. This information is not conveyed through a newsletter but rather through our social media company profiles which you can access on any of the major platforms: Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

If you want to learn more about Kimia and the team that stands behind it visit their website.

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