Being paid on time is important for 94% of publishers

Anne Freier | December 11, 2018

Mobile Advertising

On-time payments are an important consideration for as many as 94% of publishers when using ad networks, according to research by publisher payable automation solution Tipalti.

Indeed, 70% of publishers and affiliates will leave a network if their payment experiences are not up satisfactory.

Another 54% added that they wanted the process to improve and 13% were dissatisfied with the networks’ payment processing.

Furthermore, just under a third (27%) said they had previously experience payment issues which can also lead to poor onboarding.

“Without publishers, a network has nothing to offer their advertisers,” explained Chen Amit, CEO and founder of Tipalti. “For ad and affiliate networks to compete against the adtech giants Google, Facebook, and Amazon, they need to win on service and differentiation. Payment operations can create a major competitive advantage to drive publisher loyalty and performance, which ultimately leads to a higher quality network.”

81% of respondents said that multiple payment methods were important to them to ensure loyalty. PayPal was among the most popular options for payments below $500.

Interestingly, 79% of publishers would prefer to be paid earlier and are happy to provide a discount to the network in exchange.

However, updating payees on the payment process is just as important as viewing a payment status according to over 90% of respondents.

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