Beginners Data for Mobile App Marketing

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Partner Post - Miratrix Organic Mobile Growth & App Store Optimization

Posted: August 1, 2016

Nick Duddy is the founder of Miratrix and has spent 10 years understanding search engines and how they work for the benefit of his clients. In 2013 he turned his eye to App Store Optimization and organic mobile growth and hasn’t looked back. Nick also currently holds a research post at UCL researching the Google Play Store and Apple App Store algorithms.

During App Promotion Summit in London Nick had a masterclass about data mining for mobile app marketing. In a 45 minute session he covered major benefits of using big data to increase mobile app marketing efficiency and beat competition, essentially using a scientific approach.

Big data has a kind of a bad wrap that only via complicated scientific education it is possible to comprehend its concepts to being able to use it. Nick Duddy managed to make the case that it’s not prohibitively hard, app developers shouldn’t reject it and by applying its principles to their app marketing they will being able to find trends, improve time, money and accuracy efficiency, as well as understand app usage and learn things that their competitors haven’t yet.

Beginners Data for Mobile App Marketing from Nicholas Duddy