Beacon location technology provider Reveal Mobile adds industry veteran Tim Solt to its team


Source Reveal Mobile

Audience data and mobile location firm, Reveal Mobile, has just announced the hire of Tim Solt as VP of Business Development. Tim is an experienced advertising technology executive and has held leadership and advisory roles within the media and marketing industry.
Brian Handly, CEO, Reveal Mobile, says:

“A critical component to our success is the ability to help our customers make the best use of their location data. Tim joins our team to ensure we’re working with the best data partners in the industry and to grow these relationships. By increasing our ability to turn raw mobile data into meaningful location based audiences, we grow revenue for ourselves and our customers.”

Reveal Mobile offers Bluetooth beacon-based location accuracy as part of its mobile advertising tech. Beacon detection tends to be more quiet and passive, running in the background. This means that clients can utilise beacon signals as well as traditional latitude and longitude data for more accuracy and precision when defining their audiences.
The company says that this approach generally increases ad performance by 177-450% whilst doubling mobile revenue CPMs.
Additional studies found that beacons are also more accurate within 30 meters from a smartphone 100% of the time. By comparison, latitude and longitude coordinates from smartphones are accurate to within 100 meters a mere 32% of the time.
Tim adds:

“Two things jumped out to me about Reveal Mobile. First, they’ve built a great team from top to bottom, work well together, and gets things done. Second, what we’re doing is truly unique within the space, and we do it really well. Turning mobile location data into valuable audience segments is incredibly difficult, and Reveal Mobile has the technology and has figured out the formula. This is a great opportunity with a great company, in a rapidly growing industry and I am excited to join the team.”

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