Beachfront partners with Pixalate to offer added fraud protection across its mobile SSP

beachfront pixalate
Video tech firm Beachfront Media, has announced a partnership with Pixalate, the fraud protection and data intelligence firm, in order to tap its technology for a safer mobile experience. The deal is meant to add transparency to Beachfront’s SSP that processes over 50 billion mobile video ad requests every month.
Pixalate partners with Beachfront Media
As part of the collaboration, Pixalate will open access to its fraud detection technology that works across various devices, platforms and apps on mobile. This lets Beachfront remove any fraudulent inventory from its SSP to provide safe and viewable inventory across its format.
It’s an important modification to the SSP with estimates suggesting that advertisers are now losing $7.2 billion to bots this year, having shot up to 37% from 2014 to 2015.
Frank Sinton, CEO at Beachfront Media, says:
frank sinton

“The opportunity to add this extra layer of security and transparency for our advertisers will take our cross-screen SSP to the next level, and ensure the highest quality inventory possible, when bots are plaguing the industry. And the fact that this is accompanied by the ability to accurately measure impression volume will result in the highest level of ad distribution efficiency we’ve delivered to date.”

In addition, Beachfront offers tools to measure publisher supply so they can meet advertiser demand and provide additional inventory. With Pixalate, there’s now an added level of security across such supply.
Jalal Nasir, CEO at Pixalate, adds:
jalal nasir

“By leveraging Pixalate’s industry-leading Data Intelligence tools, Beachfront Media is ensuring that they have the most comprehensive solutions to ensure the integrity of their inventory. We welcome Beachfront Media to the ongoing battle against ad fraud, and look forward to supporting their commitment to safety and security in programmatic advertising.”

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