Avocarrot secures $2m in funding to launch programmatic native ads for mobile developers

San Francisco-based mobile performance ad network Avocarrot announced that the company secured investment of $2m in order to grow its mobile ad exchanged ambitions. The company offers a developer tool to create native mobile ads, supported by a scalable and robust infrastructure and automated processes for faster implementation.
Avocarrot brings tools for mobile native ad creation to market
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Source: Avocarrot.com
Native ads are designed to blend in more successfully with native content on mobile devices and are generally seen as less invasive by mobile users. In fact, Celtra research confirms that users interact 40% more with native ads than standard banners. Avocarrot aims to empower marketers to make the ad an integral part of the user experience thereby growing revenue and customer loyalty.
Conno Christou, Co-Founder, Avocarrot, told VentureBeat:

“We want to become MoPub for native mobile ads.”

He went on to discuss that Avocarrot’s Exchange already delivers 200m ad requests monthly. At the core of his product is a simplified out-of-the-box solution to provide native ad implementation.
In addition, the company offers Morpheus which lets marketers transform their banner ads into native ads. The tool works by analysing and breaking down IAB standard OpenRTB 2.3 banner ads and converts their basic units such as message, creative data to fit natively.
Avocarrot Morpheus transform banner advertisements into native ads
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Source: Avocarrot.com
Christou adds:

“DSPs are able to extract information from particular apps, and publishers can create custom ad experiences. We’re just trying to make everyone’s lives easier by using existing demand.”

Avocarrot faces some competition in this exciting new market including the more powerful MoPub, Facebook and InMobi, which Christou admitted Avocarrot was unable to compete with at this point. However, he adds that the company’s focus was on providing tools for app developers as opposed to just marketers.

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