Avocarrot launches native mobile video ad format

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 14, 2016

Mobile native advertiser, Avocarrot, just launched its new native mobile video advertising format to maximise user engagement for marketers.
Avocarrot releases native mobile ad format
Source: avocarrot.com
Video ads are one of the more successful mobile advertising formats, achieving high eCPMs on a consistant basis. Ultimately, that means app owners can generate higher earnings.
Avocarrot says its latest solution offers a smooth delivery that is less intrusive than traditional banners or pop-ups. The new feature also enables developers to display ads to fill empty placements when video messages aren’t available, which helps with fill rate.
The process is automated and doesn’t require a whole lot of intervention from the app owner once the SDK is installed. This is what makes the solution an attractive option for app development studios as well as indie engineers.
Avocarrot native video ads support VAST v2.0 and v3.0 and ad types such as linear ads as well as companion ads. Native video ads do autoplay with the sound off and come at a length of 30 seconds maximum.
Video view charges are based on impressions.
For more information, head to Avocarrot.