The average iPhone user spent $35 on apps in 2015

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The average U.S. iPhone owner spent an average of $35 on apps during 2015, and almost all of it was on games. Estimating the revenue per device, $25 was spent on games last year, a giant 635% increase over music apps in second position, with just $3.40 spent.

Average spend tumbles again with $1.80 spent on social networking apps in third place, $1 on fourth placed entertainment apps, and finally just $0.40 spent on lifestyle apps. The data comes from research performed by app intelligence platform Sensor Tower.

The average iPhone user spent $35 on apps last year, most of it going on games


The App Store’s other 18 main categories split the $6.80 remaining amount between them, with health and fitness coming out on top with a $0.35 average spend. Naturally, games took first place in the average app installs chart, with 10.5 downloads per active device, 209% more than second placed photo and video apps.

Sensor Tower estimates that each game install grosses an average of $2.43, and those that do download games are the most willing to spend out on premium versions or in-app purchases. The research is based on a figure of 110 million active iPhones in the U.S. in 2015.

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