Average app user lifetime values increase when using retargeting strategies

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 21, 2018

Retargeting is an important strategy in app marketing. However, the success of the strategy depends on successful setup and measurement of retargeting. Now, Adikteev, the mobile marketing company, has launched a new white paper that delves deeper into the how marketers can measure the impact of their retargeting efforts.
According to data collected by Adikteev, average user lifetime values increased significantly with retargeting.
Therefore, marketers shouldn’t wait for their app users to churn before retargeting them, but instead aim to retarget immediately. However, Adikteev advises to measure the success of such a strategy by using a control group as well.
The white paper also discusses the dilemma of spamming users that many app marketers are facing. The question becomes: when is retargeting considered spammy?
The short answer is: it depends on your app type. For some app types, retargeting more often works better than for others.
Among the features Adikteev recommends to improve retargeting are deeplinks, playables and product feed.
The company found that deeplinks performed 46% better for a target event. Meanwhile, users spending just 11 seconds longer in an interactive ad have a 40% higher likelihood of converting. Additionally, product feed helped improve a campaign 34% compared to generic ads.