Avazu Wins Two Laurels Showing Their Strength as An Industry Leader

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Posted: January 28, 2016

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On 21st to 22nd January, 2016,“The first Digital Marketing Committee of China”, which was hold by Digital Marketing committee of China Advertising Association Of Commerce belonged to MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China), China Shippers’ Association and China International Communication Association came to a perfect close at China National Convention Center in Beijing.
The Awarding Site
As Chinese brands are now confronted with some new problems and challenges according to “Internet+”, the conference commended some companies who have made great breakthrough actively via digital based on the situation of Digital Marketing industry.
As a Pioneer of Global Performance Marketing, Avazu is not only invited to be the member unit of Digital Marketing Committee of China,but also stood out among 228 candidate companies— won two awards”The Digital Marketing of China in 2015· The Most Potential Developing Company”and”The Digital Marketing of China in 2015·The Excellent Enterprise of Mobile Marketing”,which has definitely show great ability as Most Potential Developing Company in the era of Mobile Marketing.
Avazu is invited to be the Member Unit of Digital Marketing Committee of China
Avazu Received Two Awards: The Most Potential Developing Company&The Excellent Enterprise of Mobile Marketing
As a significant conference either in China or in the whole World,the conference has aggregated lots of professionals,including global famous scientific and technological companies,broader-platform groups,companies in the ecosystem of Internet, IoT (Internet of Things) application companies,Digital Media groups and Research institutions of digital commerce and practitioners,to establish the standard of Digital&Intelligence and help the digital transformation and upgrading of Chinese brand-building.
Avazu: Connecting 6 Billion Net Citizens
“Internet+”has created a Golden Age for brand marketing. Since has been founded, Avazu has been the front runner of digital marketing, walked through 135 countries,covered 85% of global net citizens and over 30 billion daily impressions.Avazu Performance Ad Network provides a one-stop total global solution called Avazu A-ONE, allowing Ad buyers to get connected with publishers worldwide through Avazu Private Exchange. Moreover, Avazu gives its clients the access to a huge traffic inventory provided by Avazu mDSP, Avazu aNative and experienced Media Buyers.
By running offers on a real-time advertising platform employing state of the art technologies and methodologies, Avazu Performance Ad Network focuses on delivering the best in class targeting capabilities and provides global advertisers, publishers and App Developers with integrated solution ranging from brand advertisements to app distribution & monetization.
As a technology-driven platform, Avazu owns the world’s latest synchronization technology, history data from about 6000 advertisers,constantly updated arithmetic, device re-targeting, IP targeting, GPS targeting and other accurate targeting methods, all of which can satisfy premium advertisers’ demand of PMP.
And now the technology and service of our platform has been in matured period. Avazu mDSP has been focusing on connecting more than 30 offshore traffic for such a long time and already has a daily exposure of 5 billion traffic in China. At the beginning of 2016,Avazu mDSP connected with the largest traffic platform in China, Tencent Guang Dian Tong to take advantage of Tencent social media data, so as to maximize the traffic value and get effect that traditional advertising can’t.
Owing to the recognizing from professionals in digital marketing, Avazu won two awards in China’s most influential summit of Digital Marketing,what’s more,the honor will be the motivation for Avazu to make greater disrupting and innovation in the future.

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